Sleep walking

So I go the gym straight after work and work my ass off till I can barely walk or move. I get back home and make some yummy cheap food. Then I get a shower and watch a film about a virus that breaks out and people start to die. At the end of this film one of the guys has cockroaches crawling on his hands, which must of stuck in my head for some reason.

I’m not bothered by them (even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen one). But as I was asleep, I ‘half’ woke up. As in I could see what I was doing but couldn’t control my body. I had awoken and thought my pillow had fell on the floor but as it did, loads of cockroaches came out of it and started crawling around on the floor.

So my weird brain thinks to itself, “you don’t want to stand on them, but its dark and they’re next to the light switch”. So I get out of bed on the other side, with great difficulty for some reason. Remember I’m not fully awake so it was kind of just happening without thought.

Stumble up and start searching for my laptop bag on the floor. Its pitch black and I cannot see, so I’m grabbing everything and throwing it to the side. Still a bit wary of the bugs crawling on the floor I edge towards them, hoping to find my laptop.

As I find the bag, I seem to not be able to open it. My hands and mind are not working as one. It was like my body had taken over but by something else.

I had no idea what made me click, but I suddenly regain consciousness and realise what I had been doing was madness. I still had this slight thought that the bugs might have still been there, but it was ridiculous. I walked towards the light switch and picked up my phone that was on the side of the bed. I didn’t want to turn the main lights on so I turned my phone on and shone the light on the floor. Nothing there.

Why the hell did I think that there was bugs on the floor? And why was I moving around? I realised that it must of been me sleep walking. I don’t think I’ve ever sleep walked. What a strange thing to happen…


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