Messed Up Dreams

Every now and then I have the strangest of dreams. I’m pretty sure everyone occasionally has a ‘weird’ dream. People say that eating cheese and dairy products before you go to sleep can cause ‘nightmares’. This is due to dairy products being digested slowly or something. Also having something on your mind like relationship problems or family problems can cause them, even when you don’t think you have any issues, subconsciously you might have.

Last night I had a very odd dream. It’s one of the strangest I’ve had. I woke up thinking it actually happened, which was ridiculous. But I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. It’s the impossible mixed with the logical. In fact it was so weird it could have been its own movie.

So it started off with me at this place I’ve never seen before, no idea how I got there or why I was there. I was with someone and I also have no idea who this someone was, but I think I knew them. Great start hey!…

It was dark and there were a lot of people around. It was outside and concrete bunkers surrounded us. Come to think of it, was a bit like a scene from ‘the terminator’ film, but the newest one in the future. No robots around, just the type of environment that has been run down and lacking life.

Pretty sure there was some sort of party going on in some house that I appeared in. Drinking and dancing and getting wasted. Then everything went slow motion. I was moving around really slow (like when you have them dreams and you try and run but you start running really slow and cant get away!) except everyone else was going slow. I walk outside with my unknown friend and there is a crowd of people looking around. This strange sharp deep sound echoes around. The ground around us starts to move like a water ripple. In the distance what looks like a black hole sucking in the earth from its core and the ground quickly disappearing.  It’s still slow motion for me and I look at the person next to me and try and say something but nothing comes out. I look back and as the ground tears away beneath me, all I see is nothingness.

It’s silent.

I’m curled up in a ball with my eyes shut. I slowly open them and open out. I’m floating in the nothingness of space. I can see stars in the distance, but nothing left of humanity. It’s a beautiful sight but I’m alone.

Next thing I know I’m standing there outside again with my friend. Was it a dream within a dream? (inception…haha)

I wake up thinking how messed up that was. What did it mean? I try going back to sleep to carry on the dream, but the harder you try to get back in it, you never can! Damn you dreams!

Another ‘wack’ dream I had a while back, was that I was getting drunk with Mr Bean and some friends on the top of a mountain edge leaning against a Christmas tree all laughing and joking around. Then we decide to jump off and skydive towards the ground, landing in a theme park full of convicts all chained up and wearing them orange uniforms.

So yeah, messed up. What has been your weirdest dream?

Inception Troll

Inception Troll


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  1. You have a strangely active subconscious! When I’m not sure if a dream is real, it’s normally a dream about something very similar to stuff in my life that’s already happened – like a phone call or going to work or something. I have had really vivid crazy dreams with all the senses involved before, but once I woke up I knew they’d not happened. Hmmm.

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