Mouldy Tesco Pita Bread

I don’t have to explain because the email says it all. When they reply I’ll let you know.

The email


Today 19/08/11 at 12:30 I bought Tescos own ‘Wholemeal Pita bread’ pack to have for my lunch.

To my surprise, once I arrived back to work to make said lunch, I opened the packet and noticed the green mould covered on the pitas. I however, only noticed this as I had finished packing the pitas with other Tescos products. As any normal person, I decided against eating them.

Before throwing the Mouldy Tesco Pita Bread in the bin, I took some photos to prove my complaint. The quality isn’t to great as they are taken on my phone. They are attached in this email.

The pita bread packet

Mouldy Tesco Pita Bread

Mouldy Pita Bread Circle

Mouldy Pita Bread Circle 2

As you can see the mould ‘circles’ and the packet that they were in.

The date also states todays date. Don’t Tesco have a reduced section for items that go out of date on the day? If so, then why was this on the shelf? You may ask why didn’t I check the date? As a daily customer of Tesco, the last thing I expect is mould on the products I buy, also a reasonable sell by date.

Another question you might ask is, why didn’t I take the item back and demand a refund. I only have an hour for my lunch at work. It takes 30 minutes to get to Tesco and back. I thought better than to waste more of my time going back, for them only to apologise and offer either a refund or money back.

This is not what I am after. You can keep your money and mouldy products. I rather you use that money and resources to make your food quality the highest standard possible, as you constantly state on TV adverts and so forth.

I would also advise you to look into the ‘sell by date’ for these products. Maybe make them a day earlier?

I hope to hear back for your response.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Jones.


So yer, hopefully they will reply, we’ll see.


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