iPhone 4S to be Renamed as iPhone 4Steve

The big rumour that Apple named the new iPhone 4S after Steve Jobs is unclear. We might never find out that it was named 4Steve.

But as this quickly escalated around the internet there is mixed views on whether it should be named in loving memory of Steve Jobs. Does the S in 4S stand for Speed? Or should it stand for Steve? For everything that he has done for the company, I think that Apple should rename it 4Steve.

I hereby propose that the iPhone 4S be named as the iPhone 4Steve. Please sign this petition to get it trending and apple might even change it!





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  1. So many people bad-mouthed the 4S following the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event that I do not believe it would be a fitting tribute. I’ll let apple decide whether they choose to launch a “Steve Jobs edition.” I do not believe they will, though, as Steve was a very private man, who was far more interested in having people love the technology, than to promote himself. He’ll be remembered in many ways, but this will likely not be one of them. I’d love to have an iPhone 4S with an image of Steve laughing laser-etched into the back, though. He had the greatest smile, and that is how I choose to remember him.

    • Very well said Tom. I do agree, it would be silly of Apple to rename it to 4Steve. But I do like your comical idea of Steve Jobs laughing on the back of the phone. This could maybe be a limited edition version of the phone? I think it could sell pretty well.

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