Halloween Pumpkin Art Carvings

As we all know, Halloween is just round the corner and what better to prepare for it than to carve your own pumpkins.

There are many styles that you can carve a pumpkin. But which one will you choose? A scary one? Funny? Strange? Artistic? It’s all down  to preference and skill. Anyone can carve out two eyes and a mouth and stick a candle in there, but how many people can make you say wow?

There are in fact artists who specialise in carving pumpkins.  Most of them are just sculptors who are experimenting on other materials. But I found this artist ‘Ray Villafane‘ who has some really creative work with pumpkins and other mediums.

pumkin punch carving

I love the way he has made them interactive as  such. If anything, they become less of the typical pumpkin carving and more of just a piece of art and. What would it look like without the arm in the shot? But lets bee honest this is awesome!

pumkin squeeze carving

Another great interactive pumpkin. Great detail and thought gone into this.

pumpkin carving art

The three photos above are the only interactive  ones I found on his site unfortunately, but he  does have some other great pumpkins.

scary pumpkin face carving

amazing pumpkin carving

pumpkin art face

pumpkin carving fish

I love this last one of  that fish I can’t remember the name of. Looks like a lick of paint has been added to it. There are many more of these fantastic pieces of imagination on his site here.

But this wouldn’t go a miss without me trying my own! I decided against the whole interactive and amazingly detailed face and went for the more typical halloween pumpkin.

scary pumpkin carving

Photo quality is rubbish due to my phone camera being 2mp but I’m happy with my result! Scary? What you think?


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