Hosting Kerfuffle

So I decided today that I wanted a new hosting server for this site. But which one shall I choose? Also, as the domain name is still I was going to buy a ‘’ or ‘.com’.

Many hosting servers provide you with a ‘free’ domain name. The ‘free’ part will be included in the overall bill, obviously. So I was thinking that I might as well pay for a hosting server. Searched for cheap hosting sites and got a ‘top 10’ list. Had a look and most were similar prices. They say things like £1.95 per month, but the catch is either that it is only for the first month and you pay £6 for the duration of the contract. Or one site said it costs £1.90 per month…for 60 months! That’s 5 years! Thus paying something like £140 (inc VAT) upfront! Yes. Upfront! Not paying per month. All the sites I looked at wanted payment upfront. No monthly payment plans at all. Shocking.

Besides that, I found one site called that seemed a decent price. £30 upfront for a year wasn’t too bad, including a domain name and ‘unlimited’ disk space and bandwidth so on, so forth. Within reason, the terms and conditions say. It’s only for personal and small businesses. So I guess that using it for some sort of file sharing website would be against their policy. Also many of these sites run off ‘wind power’, not that this would make me buy their service any more.  So ‘Fatcow’, I decided to have a chat with them.

They have a ‘live chat’ window for your queries, which I took advantage of.

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Father Christmas the Superhero!

As most of us know the Christmas song,’Santa Claus is coming to town’ and part of the lyrics is –

He sees you when you’re sleeping.

He knows when you’re awake.

He knows if you’ve been bad or good.

So be good for goodness sake.

FOR GODNESS SAKE! haha. The point I am trying to get across is that Father Christmas would make the perfect Superhero! According to these ‘well known facts’, firstly –

1# He can see you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake.

It’s the perfect ‘power’. If he always knows when people are asleep, he could quite easily ‘capture’ or ‘kill’ you without any effort at all! Everyone has to sleep some time, even Superman sleeps, so you’re present could be some ‘kryptonite’ to his face and POW! he’s all sorts of dead.

Father Christmas 1 – Superman 0

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Branded 3 Team

We had a group photo taken at branded 3, then took advantage, using our Photoshop skills!

Branded 3 Team

The Team

Let the fun begin with – ‘Spot Mike Jeffs

Branded 3 Team Gerard Butler

Can you spot Mike Jeffs?

Next we have Mike Autys piece called – ‘Rodgers Style’

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The Adventures of Sweet & Revenge

In my few years at college I created some characters and story lines that I eventually animated into a short clip. It may have taken ages to make the 30 second clip, but I was worth the while. Lately I’ve noticed the lack of Designing that I have been doing since I graduated with a BA Hons in Graphic Design. It could be down to how much the course was so far up its own arse that it made me hate it, or how busy I’ve been with other things.

So the other day, I sit down and start surfing the web, as you do. I find a page that some small business is looking for graphic designers to create a simple logo for their company. The price they are offering is $50. Which is nothing to a designer. Not only do you have to come up with the idea but you also have to design it as well….all for $50. What a joke. So me being me, decides to create the most basic logo for the company as a joke and send it off.

So the company name is ‘Sweet Revenge’ and they are a bakery. Oh so funny! I get it!…lame. Ideas start to flow through my brain relating the word sweet to an object and revenge. At first I thought of a vampire sucking the throat of a piñata but for a bakery seems a bit over the top. So I simplified it down to this-

Sweet & Revenge

Sweet Revenge

I’ve decided against posting this idea to the company. I think they could become our friends and have a good life ahead of them within my muddled up brain that they hop around in. When I get the time, I’ll show off my Flash skills and create these good looking fellows into an animation. They might need a bit more work on them, like shading but I like to keep it simple, otherwise it just makes things more annoying.

Normal Day at Branded 3

On one glorious day, a boy named Andrew Rodgers was wearing a giant bingo ball costume, being carried triumphantly around the Branded3 garden on the shoulders of the team. All of a sudden, bingo balls and bucket loads of cash start to fall from the sky. Everyone is happy. Rabbits hop excitedly around their feet.

Then upon the summit of a nearby hill, hundreds of thousands of bingo balls are launched down the hill wreaking havoc on local residents. We run and roll for cover…

The local residents spot Rodgers rolling away down the valley, just a large purple orb with skinny white arms and legs flailing in the wind as he struggles to pick up speed. They assume he is the bringer of their fateful bingo-ball destruction and vow to slay him. Within minutes, his body is riddled with gunshots, and someone throws a trident. After the bloodshed, Fiona, Steve and Auty carry his deflated bingo ball body to the river and float him away in a bulrush basket. Ben Jones makes a reading from the Bingoport Terms & Conditions by way of tribute to a life well lived.

Rodgers in Costume drawing

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Without a solitary thought about what I had put myself into, I agreed to do the ‘Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge‘. Even within the time from accepting it to actually doing it, I never researched or prepared for it (except for a few gym sessions, which I attend every week anyway).

Me and the majority of Branded 3 had high hopes in completing this challenge. The aim for this event was to raise money for ‘Heart Research UK’. As a company our target was £2,000 and this would be a challenge on its own.

Wake up!

3.30am and my alarm screams for me to wake up. It’s Saturday 16 June and today is judgement day. Bit dramatic, but you’ll understand as the day went on. I’ve never been a morning person and probably never will be. I eat two scones with butter, which I never usually have for breakfast, just that the previous night had some urge to buy them.

After eventually gathering some sort of energy I have at 4.20am I get in my car with all my hiking gear and set off to pick up Fiona. As previously arranged, we had all agreed on meeting at  6.00am at the starting line, so I made sure we left at least an hour and a half before hand. As I managed to somehow forget the map and directions to the place, luckily enough I had Google Maps on my phone and we got there with no problems at all.

Yorkshire Three Peaks Map

Yorkshire Three Peaks Map

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Sleep walking

So I go the gym straight after work and work my ass off till I can barely walk or move. I get back home and make some yummy cheap food. Then I get a shower and watch a film about a virus that breaks out and people start to die. At the end of this film one of the guys has cockroaches crawling on his hands, which must of stuck in my head for some reason.

I’m not bothered by them (even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen one). But as I was asleep, I ‘half’ woke up. As in I could see what I was doing but couldn’t control my body. I had awoken and thought my pillow had fell on the floor but as it did, loads of cockroaches came out of it and started crawling around on the floor.

So my weird brain thinks to itself, “you don’t want to stand on them, but its dark and they’re next to the light switch”. So I get out of bed on the other side, with great difficulty for some reason. Remember I’m not fully awake so it was kind of just happening without thought.

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Heard The Jacksionary Theme Tune?

The Jacksionary has a new theme tune to it! By a great guy called Mike Jeffs (@Mikerjeffs). Check it out!

Jacksionary has all the interesting, random, stupid answers for your open questions. Got questions? Request & ask, at the open question Page.

*UPDATE – Jacksionary is no more! The website is still there, but there will be more posts.*

Gym o’clock

Ok so it has come to that point were I feel lazy and unfit and have to start going the gym again. I subscribed for a year at Fitness First and didn’t even go for the first month. What a stupid waste!  So the other day I thought to myself I’d start going.

It’s amazing how unfit I actually was! Anyone get that odd sense of WTF when you walk in? All the beef heads (Steg heads) with their stupidly large muscles. Any need to make them any bigger?!? Why? You look like someone’s got a bike pump and pumped up your arms and legs with the added drawn on vein.

I couldn’t be like that. Knowing when you grow old and decrepit, all that stretched skin turning into flappy sags that could be used as a tent. Least there is one positive side to it.

Same goes for Tattoos. I have one myself but it’s only small. The people with them all over them are just going to look ridiculous when they get to that age. I laugh at you!

I don’t want to be old…I think I’m old enough now, never mind being 60-70.

Better get my running shoes on…

Itchy as a badgers buttocks

Wow i can’t stop itching!

Went to Amsterdam last week and i come back with a million bites on me. Not sure if it was the bunk beds in the crap hostel or just that the mosquitoes like my blood.

I’m using antihistamines and cream but im still itching!!! Ahhhhhh. Been told to put some vinegar on them……urm no! Then i’ll stink of vinegar when i walk into work. Everyone will think i’ve blown my bladder and tried to cover it up with the stench of vinegar.

Also one of them little buggers got me on my middle finger, which just so happened to swell up and prevent me from closing my hand properly. I looked like Professor Chump from the Nutty Professor!

Every time i go away abroad i get bitten to death. I’ve tried all the stupid ways to prevent them and the only one that seems to work is having a net constantly around me. Even then they still manage to get in some how!  They have a game plan!