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Gym o’clock

Ok so it has come to that point were I feel lazy and unfit and have to start going the gym again. I subscribed for a year at Fitness First and didn’t even go for the first month. What a stupid waste!  So the other day I thought to myself I’d start going.

It’s amazing how unfit I actually was! Anyone get that odd sense of WTF when you walk in? All the beef heads (Steg heads) with their stupidly large muscles. Any need to make them any bigger?!? Why? You look like someone’s got a bike pump and pumped up your arms and legs with the added drawn on vein.

I couldn’t be like that. Knowing when you grow old and decrepit, all that stretched skin turning into flappy sags that could be used as a tent. Least there is one positive side to it.

Same goes for Tattoos. I have one myself but it’s only small. The people with them all over them are just going to look ridiculous when they get to that age. I laugh at you!

I don’t want to be old…I think I’m old enough now, never mind being 60-70.

Better get my running shoes on…