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Hosting Kerfuffle

So I decided today that I wanted a new hosting server for this site. But which one shall I choose? Also, as the domain name is still I was going to buy a ‘’ or ‘.com’.

Many hosting servers provide you with a ‘free’ domain name. The ‘free’ part will be included in the overall bill, obviously. So I was thinking that I might as well pay for a hosting server. Searched for cheap hosting sites and got a ‘top 10’ list. Had a look and most were similar prices. They say things like £1.95 per month, but the catch is either that it is only for the first month and you pay £6 for the duration of the contract. Or one site said it costs £1.90 per month…for 60 months! That’s 5 years! Thus paying something like £140 (inc VAT) upfront! Yes. Upfront! Not paying per month. All the sites I looked at wanted payment upfront. No monthly payment plans at all. Shocking.

Besides that, I found one site called that seemed a decent price. £30 upfront for a year wasn’t too bad, including a domain name and ‘unlimited’ disk space and bandwidth so on, so forth. Within reason, the terms and conditions say. It’s only for personal and small businesses. So I guess that using it for some sort of file sharing website would be against their policy. Also many of these sites run off ‘wind power’, not that this would make me buy their service any more.  So ‘Fatcow’, I decided to have a chat with them.

They have a ‘live chat’ window for your queries, which I took advantage of.

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