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The Adventures of Sweet & Revenge

In my few years at college I created some characters and story lines that I eventually animated into a short clip. It may have taken ages to make the 30 second clip, but I was worth the while. Lately I’ve noticed the lack of Designing that I have been doing since I graduated with a BA Hons in Graphic Design. It could be down to how much the course was so far up its own arse that it made me hate it, or how busy I’ve been with other things.

So the other day, I sit down and start surfing the web, as you do. I find a page that some small business is looking for graphic designers to create a simple logo for their company. The price they are offering is $50. Which is nothing to a designer. Not only do you have to come up with the idea but you also have to design it as well….all for $50. What a joke. So me being me, decides to create the most basic logo for the company as a joke and send it off.

So the company name is ‘Sweet Revenge’ and they are a bakery. Oh so funny! I get it!…lame. Ideas start to flow through my brain relating the word sweet to an object and revenge. At first I thought of a vampire sucking the throat of a piñata but for a bakery seems a bit over the top. So I simplified it down to this-

Sweet & Revenge

Sweet Revenge

I’ve decided against posting this idea to the company. I think they could become our friends and have a good life ahead of them within my muddled up brain that they hop around in. When I get the time, I’ll show off my Flash skills and create these good looking fellows into an animation. They might need a bit more work on them, like shading but I like to keep it simple, otherwise it just makes things more annoying.