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Messed Up Dreams

Every now and then I have the strangest of dreams. I’m pretty sure everyone occasionally has a ‘weird’ dream. People say that eating cheese and dairy products before you go to sleep can cause ‘nightmares’. This is due to dairy products being digested slowly or something. Also having something on your mind like relationship problems or family problems can cause them, even when you don’t think you have any issues, subconsciously you might have.

Last night I had a very odd dream. It’s one of the strangest I’ve had. I woke up thinking it actually happened, which was ridiculous. But I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. It’s the impossible mixed with the logical. In fact it was so weird it could have been its own movie.

So it started off with me at this place I’ve never seen before, no idea how I got there or why I was there. I was with someone and I also have no idea who this someone was, but I think I knew them. Great start hey!…

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Normal Day at Branded 3

On one glorious day, a boy named Andrew Rodgers was wearing a giant bingo ball costume, being carried triumphantly around the Branded3 garden on the shoulders of the team. All of a sudden, bingo balls and bucket loads of cash start to fall from the sky. Everyone is happy. Rabbits hop excitedly around their feet.

Then upon the summit of a nearby hill, hundreds of thousands of bingo balls are launched down the hill wreaking havoc on local residents. We run and roll for cover…

The local residents spot Rodgers rolling away down the valley, just a large purple orb with skinny white arms and legs flailing in the wind as he struggles to pick up speed. They assume he is the bringer of their fateful bingo-ball destruction and vow to slay him. Within minutes, his body is riddled with gunshots, and someone throws a trident. After the bloodshed, Fiona, Steve and Auty carry his deflated bingo ball body to the river and float him away in a bulrush basket. Ben Jones makes a reading from the Bingoport Terms & Conditions by way of tribute to a life well lived.

Rodgers in Costume drawing